Helping industrial executives work on the right problems, delegate well, worry less and achieve more.

Speaking, workshops and coaching to encourage business resilience, profitability and growth.

Success stories include:


Breakout sessions, seminars, panel discussions, small groups.

Oleg’s breadth of knowledge is amazing.

Olin Wiland, President & CEO, Metal Spinners, Inc

A fresh view on leadership.

Rustam Minnikhanov, President,                                Republic Tatarstan 

A pleasure to work with. Peace in the midst of a storm.

Bridget Kuhlenbeck, Corporate Event Planner,
Criticare Systems Inc.

Inspiring industrial CEOs to manage and lead with confidence. 


Developing your entire team

  • You get a better guide
    • Track record of over half a billion dollar impact
    • Management, leadership, futuristics and economics thought leadership
    • Trained as an engineer, accountant, lawyer, project manager, innovation specialist, lean/six sigma/theory of constraints practitioner, executive coach
    • Taught every course in the MBA program
  • It’s interactive: discussions and role-play, experiments and practice
  • Specific to your needs: customized around specific business challenges
  • Continued learning: Ongoing participant support
  • Practical outcomes: Multiple assessments of business impact
Manage with Confidence:

Communication Cadence
The Confident Supervisor
Effective Manager
Integrative Performance Improvement
Project Portfolio Management
Business Metrics and Risk
Measuring What Matters

Be Confident:

Personal Effectiveness / Soft Skills
Personal Development Plan
Work yourself out of a job for fun & profit

Lead with Confidence:

Understand the Future
Collaborative Economics
Coaching and Motivation
Systematic Innovation
Visioning and Strategy

Comprehensive Series:

Mini-MBA or any course from MBA curriculum
Unified Theory of Organizational Management and Development

Along with expertise, Oleg brings a level of enthusiasm and energy to creatively deliver technical training on complex subject matter.

- Ken Klapproth, VP of Marketing, Desalitech, Inc

Dr. Tumarkin has deep insight across a wide range of industries and eager to share his wisdom. He is a masterful storyteller.

- Rafinat Yarullin, Chem.D., CEO, TNHI-H


Transform your business

Among the tens of thousands of coaches that came through my executive coaching program, Oleg stood out as one of the most exceptional coaches I’ve had privilege to work with.

- Charles Brook, Founder and Partner, TPC Leadership

Coaching is a structured conversation using our joint insight to overcome resistance that prevents you from achieving your goals because one-size-fits-all solutions don’t fit anyone.

Together, we define and execute your path. In the process, you learn to manage and lead confidently, improving resilience, driving business profitability and growth.

Coaching is a great way to develop your team. My team helped hundreds of managers, supervisors and specialists develop their leadership capacity while guiding them through improvement projects that produced ROI of between 2 and 20 to 1. Custom solutions can scale up to deployment of a team of coaches, or remote development of internal coaches, to fit your needs.


Huddle checklist

Everything you need to assess and improve quality of your daily meetings.

2029: Guide to the Future(Digital)

Inform and challenge your thinking on the world of tomorrow. COMING SOON

2029: Guide to the Future(Workbook)

Inform and challenge your thinking on the world of tomorrow. COMING SOON


Welcome! My mission is to help industrial CEOs manage and lead with confidence. As a speaker, trainer and coach I help encourage business resilience, profitability and growth. My passion is performance improvement and human development.

I got my start in the industrial management at a screw-machining job shop in Menomonee Falls, WI where I worked to pay my way through an engineering school. There, I also first experienced the weight of responsibility becoming a department head and a member of the company’s steering committee before I could graduate. I wanted to be confident in my management decisions.

So, I set out to collect the insights by working with industrial companies around the world. I helped some scale rapidly, others return to profitability, streamlining processes, training performance improvement and innovation specialists. Along the way, I acquired an alphabet soup of credentials (JD, MBA, CMA, CSSBB, PMP, ILM-7) and helped multiple companies achieve award-winning performance.

After many years of travel, my family and I settled in Newton, MA where I lead a cub-scout den and serve in the community.


My promise:

  1. You will see results.
  2. You will gain more time.
  3. You and your people will be transformed.